Kickball: Not For Babies

You have no idea how tough I am. I play a sport where PEOPLE BREAK THEIR ANKLES.

After our game, someone has to stay and line judge 2nd base. We were hanging out doing that and watching the second game. An outfielder caught the ball, ran into first, and fell over in pain. I WATCHED his ankle brake from 20 feet away.

I play a SERIOUS sport.

But don’t worry Mom, I don’t catch the ball ever, so I won’t get hurt. 😉

Edited to add: Sorry, Mom, I didn’t mention OUR game because we didn’t win…but we’re over that since at least NO ONE ON OUR TEAM IS BROKEN.


One thought on “Kickball: Not For Babies

  1. I thought I was the only person in the world to actually get hurt playing kickball so I’m happy to find out that I’m not alone. Sucks he broke a bone, though…

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