14 Resorts – One Day – Ski Utah

In case you missed it, watch the video about one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.

I tried to recap it for Ski Utah here, but it was hard to put the day into words. It was crazy fun. I can’t believe, no matter how much I ski, that I could go from a beginner to accomplishing feats like this in such a short span of time. And, of course, that I ever ended up in Utah and with the best gig in town in the first place! It’s still like a dream.

Yoga For Skiing

I spent most of the summer (and every day during month of September) doing yoga. Nothing but yoga.

I have read over and over this works, yoga can be all you need. And I have seen people that do nothing but yoga. They have perfect, strong bodies.

I went to the gym and ran. I hated it.

I did huge weight lifting sessions. I hated it.

I walked through countless sets of lunges. I almost opened wine it sucked so bad.

So I went back to yoga.

The ski resorts are opening. I have skied three days. I already know I am at a whole new level of strength, comfort, and light-footed-ness. The yoga worked. It has transformed my body, to respond and react to the snow. It has changed my mind, the totally let go and trust that I can do whatever I try.

I’m not going to end up breaking any world records, but yoga helped. No question. It wasn’t the miserable workouts. No question.

The poses I have learned have so much to do with balance, like skiing. I feel like I’m skiing a new way, that yoga found for me. My core is stronger and my mind and body are centered.

I gained a little bit of grace, and it’s going a long way.


Skiing today also reminded me of my happy place. I love being on my mat, but I ADORE being on the mountain. Nothing makes me happier. I’m calm. My mind is quiet. Everything is right with the world.

I came home and did some stretchy restorative yoga, and I’m hooked. I want to make everyone I know that is a skier a yoga junkie. And my yoga buddies skiers.

I feel better, stronger, and ready to take on the challenges of a new season, and hope it will be my best yet!

So I Skied In A Bikini…

Many times our funny jokes turn in to bets, that then turn in to reality.

Recently this resulted in me, who a few short years ago could barely stand up on skis, gearing up bright and early this 4th of July.

It was maybe the funniest day on skis – which is a bold statement.

I got mistaken for Vanessa Aadland (my apologies to HER), got a “pro call out”, got a souvenir T shirt, got in some great turns, got interviewed by the SLTribune.

And I did it in a bikini.

Because, really, why not?

While the idea wasn’t that crazy to me, I learned the lesson that to some people things you do will be dumb. To some people things will be funny. To some people things you do will be something that never even crossed your mind.

A Season In Cell Phone Pictures

This link is an album of all the winter pictures and ski photos I took on my cell phone this winter.

It kind of cracks me up trying to snap something quick to share. Many times the service is too in and out to upload then and there, and I forget completely about the shot from the mountain that day. I recently dumped my phone to start over  for summer – since skiing just ended – and found a ton of photos.

You can read my interview in the Salt Lake Tribune and see the crazy thing I did for the 4th of July here.

Snowbird, 4th of July

Write What You Know

The beginning of somegosoftly was all about how everyone had a blog. So I wanted one. I wasn’t the first on myspace, blogger, facebook, or twitter, but I wasn’t the last. I was super curious about social media and what it would do, where it would go.

I dropped blogger immediately, thinking it was rather hokey looking. This wordpress site is completely free, and it offers a lot, but there are also things I can’t do. Like get rich. But come on. That’s unrealistic. I wanted to journal and share not because of some unique perspective, but just because the only way to get better at writing is to write.

Writers write.

So my struggle after a funny video was my blogging over at Ski Utah. I COULD just journal, but I wanted it to be much more than that. I wanted what Copyblogger says to gain: followers (and comments!!). Using a call to action. A great headline. Great content.

It was harder than I ever imagined. I run around telling people to check out the site, and try to provide value. My gimmicky video to win aside, I am a huge defender of Utah, skiing, and trying it if you never have.

I want people that don’t have Utah or skiing on their radar to visit/even move here and fall in love.

I want to be the reason for that.

My argument was that there are 10% phenomenal skiers, 10% beginners, and everyone else is somewhere in the middle.

I wanted to reach out and connect with those people in the middle, and I gained a platform to do so. And then the work was hard.

What to you blog to get people’s attention?

I tried to educate as someone learning everything for the first time. About gear, about the resorts.

I hit a wall when I started skiing.

That might not make sense, but the truth is good writing takes so much time.

Learning how to REALLY ski took up so much of my time, every day. Then you get home, put on sweats and turn into a zombie. Until last month, when I was finally good to ski all morning, and then go workout, work, do whatever after. No tiredness. Then I hurt my foot, and that slowed me down. I got a little depressed. I realized it is a PAIN to try and take pictures, and film on the mountain. I just wanted to ski.

I learned what I know about skiing, and what I’ll never understand. I hate making videos while skiing. You miss a lot of skiing. So despite labeling myself the wordy one, well, that’s what I am. Gotta do what I know how to do!

The good news- to me-  is I’m back to writing and have posts outlined  for over the summer and into the next ski season that I can be really proud of. It just took time. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and hope to bring my love of skiing to more and more people. With exceptional content!