Snowbird Stoke

When I first heard that Snowbird was talking about adding a coaster, I thought it was an April Fools joke, in January. I’m sure PCMR would tell me that they roll in dough with people who don’t ski lining up to take a ride or throw their kids on the thing, so that’s nice and all.

I took some of my visiting family once and felt like a fool, like a caught-up-in-a-gimmick silly. That’s not what the mountain is there for. I want you to make money in the summer. On renting downhill mountain bikes and hiking gear and GOOD FOOD.  Just my opinion. Not to mention it was a short ride. And an expensive one.

So then Snowbird wants one.

To me Snowbird is Utah’s most challenging “in your face get down this hill I dare you” resort.

So maybe, if I was the marketing genius that worked there, I say “let’s get people all worked up about a coaster we don’t even WANT”. Because it’s silly.

THEN I come up with this:

Heck yes. Make the resort bigger. Get some new lifts. Change the resort, keep up with the ever-changing and competitive ski market of other states. Of other resorts like the Canyons. Right?

My fingers are beyond crossed that this works out.

Go Utah, go Snowbird! Even if they still want the coaster.


Updated to add a link to the Mountain Enthusiast view.

And some forums debating the issue:

A rather heated discussion over at TGR.

Epic Ski community thread.




4 thoughts on “Snowbird Stoke

  1. Can’t agree with this one. As much as I love more access to more terrain at the Bird, it dilutes the backcountry spirit. Earning your lines is a big deal to me and I think some lines should be left in the backcountry because they are SO NICE. Taking a chair ruins that appreciation of hitting the sickest line/adventure.

    • Tell us more. I’m just beginning to bc ski but was overwhelmed with options. Are they asking for too much land or the spot with the sickest lines?
      For sure there will be a lot of debate, all skiers feel differently. I’m all for making Utah the premiere US destination, of course not at any cost though.
      Maybe the cons could be a blog topic for you!

      • Hmmmm I like where your head is that on the blog post! I want Utah Resorts to grow (in profit) but I think finding other ways to do that is the way to go. There probably will be more revenue generated after making these lift changes but at what cost. Having that new tram would be convenient, but kills adventure.

        As for ruining the watershed, I’m no environmental science major, so I’ll leave it to those people.

        And for the mountain coaster…cmon, that’s a total eye sore.

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