It Keeps Getting Better

There are these points I come across in my life where I get scared. Life is so good I get afraid the bottom might fall out. You know the feeling? Things are going well and something sneaks in and worries you that it won’t last. Well, the other day it happened. We had gotten a new place and then it looked like it wasn’t going to work out. And via our searching we KNEW that there were no other options.

And then. We got an even better place. I’m a spoiled brat. No more worries. No suspicion. No drama. We spent Memorial Day weekend with my super favorites RB RE and BF. I’m a brat. They showed us around LA like no one’s business. Prove it? I had Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. There. I snuck in the museum, sort of. We partied like it was 1999. Which is true, because there was a rave going on. I can’t explain it or make sense of it but it was all so great. Seeing RB always means so much to me, because it reaffirms who I am. We get each other. And letting him take me to bars in downtown LA amid the rats made me happy too.

MK and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We know people these days sometimes don’t even make it that long, so we relish our love and the fact that we really still like each other quite a bit. We cooked each other dinner and sat out to watch the sunset. Our celebrating was a little lackluster since we also had to start packing. We had until today to get all moved out from upstairs and find spots to stuff our stuff into downstairs. We are right by a pool and still have a view so life could be worse. No word on how long we make it this time around, we’re month to month. It’s anybody’s guess.

So that brings you up to speed on last week. I missed my little blog but for some reason it always gets more hits when I don’t write. Oh well.

One final thought, and that is:


best shirt ever


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