Happy Thanksgiving

What I'm Missing

Go ahead and read all of these for a good laugh.

While you’re eating and napping, I think our plan is to ski and party!

Lots of love to all my friends and family!!

Couldn’t go home this year or I’d be at my ten year reunion…


I’ve never just sat at home and handed out candy (am I that anti kid?) but I have overall had some very terrible/boring/cheesy/weird Halloween times in my past.

That all changed when I learned that the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers have their Red Dress Run every Halloween. It’s still 79 degrees and sunny during the day, Vegas is close, and yeah, I love celebrity hashing.

Can’t wait! This will be our second year, and we’re bringing buddies! ūüôā

What is a good Halloween to you?

No Foolin’

Today was the least exciting April Fools’ Day ever! I think my brother tried to make a joke on his FB page, and that was about it. MK went to a car auction that was a bust and took all day.

In boring house news, we have a nice floor where a hole used to be in our master bedroom, and MK will be starting on the walls this week.

In fun event news, we went to a parade and saw all the Olympic athletes with Park City ties the other night…

here’s a ton of pictures! I took these on my phone and am pretty impressed with the quality.

The Best And Worst Of Times

We interrupt all the boring house talk (don’t worry, it’ll¬†return tomorrow) to tell you about our NYE 2010.

We had an AWESOME day skiing with a snowboarder friend from San Diego. I told you I¬†wasn’t super fond of¬†PCMR here last year, and trust me, it wasn’t any cleaner and we waited in line 45 minutes for one lift. But I’m a better skier, and we found some unpacked parts of the resort. We dodged the crowds and the newbies. What a difference it makes. The only catch was we were skiing runs that totally should not have been open. We were hitting ice patches, rocks, and grassy wet spots in some places. The pressure of opening the resort as fully as possible to get the tourists in over the holidays is too much sometimes. Mother Nature didn’t give us enough snow for this week. That being said, again, we had a GREAT time. I was as good as (I humbly state ‘if not better than’) the¬†company, which makes an enormous difference. We skied until 4 or 5, super late in the day for us.¬†So that was the best of times. Taking 2009 out with a bang up ski day.

MK loves NYE. It might be his ‘thing’. Holidays in general are his thing, NYE and July 4th especially (I know, crazy right?). He really wanted to go to Vegas with some friends but I had to lay down the law and say that since the fireplace guy quoted us a million dollars for new fireplaces (or he suggested burning the house down and starting over) this house had to be our priority and I didn’t want to spend over a grand easily for one night. Maybe some other time.

So we got tickets to a bar party here. We plowed the driveway first, and I cooked a huge steak dinner and made some really good hors d’oeuvres to take next door. Our super awesome neighbors in their super awesome house had a bunch of super cool friends that we got to meet. We had a wonderful time getting to know them and look forward to hanging out in the future*.

We excused ourselves (in hindsight, should have stayed!) and got ready to go out (threw¬†on a mini dress). It was a super cute dress and I don’t have one good picture of it. I might just wash it and wear it tonight and take some pictures…Anyway. We were told that Harry O’s is the most night-clubby nightclub in Park City, and it would be a good place to spend NYE. Some Pussycat Doll was hosting and I’m not going to say the DJs¬†name due to where¬†I’m going with this but I bet you could figure it out in a few minutes searching online.

This bar, this party, the people who worked there, the host, the DJ – I mean, I have nothing good to say.

MK and I will have a good time no matter what. We are determined people. Especially when we spent money to get in, in a line that took forever, where the retarded door girl just stared at us for a couple minutes before doing her really hard job of looking our names up on the list. Then the guy wouldn’t stamp us since working a STAMP is hard. Then, to check your coat was 8$. I don’t care what holiday it is, we live in a COLD place. Don’t charge that much (IF AT ALL) for a coat check. That is LAME. The bartenders were acting like you were lucky they were even there at all. I’m not sure if people don’t tip well in bars in Utah, but¬†I do. There have been a few bars here where these bartenders are so. put. out. to get you a drink. On NYE? Come on.

The host girl was totally cracked out of her mind. She did what you can barely call ‘burlesque’ if you’ve ever seen anyone¬†that knows what they are doing. If she was really a PCD, I now have no need to ever she that kind of show. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, she couldn’t talk coherently, and I’m pretty sure the thing that was supposed to be so ‘hot’ – her in a bathtub – was almost a disaster, since she looked about to topple over at any second.

The music was the WORST EVER. If you’re a renowned DJ, don’t come to Utah and act like you’re DJing for Mormons. There are plenty of people traveling. And if that’s what you play when you’re in LA, SD, or Las Vegas, crap, anywhere, you should get booed and shut down.

Now get this: The DJ and whoever was yelling over his awful mashup almost missed New Year’s. How do you mess THAT up? We literally got treated to a FOUR SECOND countdown. 4,3,2,1. Done. Sucks for you if you were in the bathroom.

At this point I am off the dance floor and making my way out of the cheesy crowd ASAP. People that thought they were big deals were climbing up on stage. Girls must have forgotten you could SEE UP THEIR DRESSES and were doing things I hope they felt bad about the next day (Note: Don’t wear your grannie¬†panties with teddy bears on them if you’re going¬†to dance like that!). People were actually ON PURPOSE pouring their drinks on people, which mystified me. The whole crowd was nuts. Maybe in a state where it’s hard to get booze you suck at drinking. Even in the most nutso bars in Austin, LA, Vegas, drunk people dance and hug on NYE, not pour drinks all over the place.

So we found a nice empty bar upstairs and things got better until a guy doused us all in his champagne, again on purpose. Don’t they know that’s alcohol abuse? Drink it. Then I’m not kidding, a guy a friend was dancing with BIT HER ON THE NECK.

Sticky and overwhelmed, we went for our coats. Which we got a dirty look for not tipping for – don’t work where they charge 8 DOLLARS A COAT and maybe you’d make a tip. We went to our friend’s hotel and hung out until almost 4 laughing about the night.

Next year we might have to do Vegas. Because I thoguht hard about this rant. I’m not too old to have a good time. I wasn’t wasted, but I was in a good mood ready to have fun. This placce was totally a train wreck. There’s not getting around it.

*Which will test my skills. Holy cow, when they all were asking why we moved here and we said “to ski”, I thought that¬†was a totally normal answer – like, why ELSE do people move here?!?! But these people taught me there is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME STUFF to do here. These guys all ice climb (I don’t even get that idea), snowshoe, hike, bike, ride rapids, etc. etc. I told them I’d try everything once as long as they knew I’d be bad at it, not matter what it was!

What Is It? A Holiday?

Of course we are on such a roll around here, we can’t stop. Finished a bathroom yesterday. Minus the towel rack, Home Depot didn’t have a single one in bronze. But it’s so much better than it was!

Woke up this lovely Christmas Eve, and started painting the guest room. Don’t want to lose momentum…

Somegosoftly wishes you all the best your holiday can bring, no matter what you may be doing!

A Charitable Christmas

Or, a post not about me for once ūüėČ

Okay, well at least a little less about me.

MK and I were set to run over to Whole Foods and buy one of those bags that feeds a family for Thanksgiving. Then the house work started and like so often happens, Thanksgiving came and went and we didn’t do anything nice for anyone.

This not-working thing made me want to volunteer somewhere. But as often happens, I got caught up in our own things and reading too much internet garbage and couldn’t even make a decision where to try and help. For three years. The last time I gave anyone any money, or support, in fact, was after the Tsunami. You can’t even remember when that was, it was so long ago. But I found a Christian medical organization that¬†just for that tragedy gave 100% of the money you donated over for medical supplies and relief. That’s a good number. Some charities, you might be surprised to learn, donate a meager percentage of what you give to the actual cause you’re giving to. Those fun runs and 5Ks? Someone I know learned that not even 10% of her registration went to the cause. Why run for that?

I am pretty impressed with this website I just found:

Charity Navigator

and hope that this year for Christmas, even though it’s going to be my cheapest Christmas, I can find someone doing some good and pitch in. While we might be making do with less, charities got hurt this year in a big way, and even the littlest help will make the biggest difference!

The drop in giving last year was the biggest in the 54 years that Giving USA has tracked the data — leaving no doubt that the recession is having a negative impact on contributions. -quote from site

I found this place that I’m pretty excited about – thinking about some things on the wishlist!