Instead Of Working On The House

MK loves that instead of helping do stuff around the house I worked on this all day. Just kidding. We painted, then I did this. In about 4 minutes. Hope you like it. (And BTW, it’s all true…as in stuff we need/don’t have yet.)


On the twelfth day of Christmas our friends and family gave to me

                                                          (or, I went to Home Depot and bought with my hubb”y”):

Twelve screwless faceplates

Eleven dimming switches

Ten million feet of trimming

Nine times five sq.ft. of granite

Eight kitchen table chairs

Seven bronze doorknobs

Six bottle wine cooler

A FIVE-PIECE sectional sofa…

Four Ikea bookshelves

Three bathroom faucets

Two lazy susans

and a front door with a holiday wreath.


5 thoughts on “Instead Of Working On The House

  1. no matter what, I couldn’t read that post without actually singing the song while doing it. I like the bookshelves & nice job painting.

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