A Charitable Christmas

Or, a post not about me for once 😉

Okay, well at least a little less about me.

MK and I were set to run over to Whole Foods and buy one of those bags that feeds a family for Thanksgiving. Then the house work started and like so often happens, Thanksgiving came and went and we didn’t do anything nice for anyone.

This not-working thing made me want to volunteer somewhere. But as often happens, I got caught up in our own things and reading too much internet garbage and couldn’t even make a decision where to try and help. For three years. The last time I gave anyone any money, or support, in fact, was after the Tsunami. You can’t even remember when that was, it was so long ago. But I found a Christian medical organization that just for that tragedy gave 100% of the money you donated over for medical supplies and relief. That’s a good number. Some charities, you might be surprised to learn, donate a meager percentage of what you give to the actual cause you’re giving to. Those fun runs and 5Ks? Someone I know learned that not even 10% of her registration went to the cause. Why run for that?

I am pretty impressed with this website I just found:

Charity Navigator

and hope that this year for Christmas, even though it’s going to be my cheapest Christmas, I can find someone doing some good and pitch in. While we might be making do with less, charities got hurt this year in a big way, and even the littlest help will make the biggest difference!

The drop in giving last year was the biggest in the 54 years that Giving USA has tracked the data — leaving no doubt that the recession is having a negative impact on contributions. -quote from site

I found this place that I’m pretty excited about – thinking about some things on the wishlist!


3 thoughts on “A Charitable Christmas

  1. All I’m going to say to that is: Don’t be surprised if you get a card someday that says I’ve bought a water buffalo in your honor. 🙂

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