Some recent paintings I did for the house.



Look around here in the past. This used to be such a thrilling time of the year. I was moving around years ago on Halloweens, starting to write books for NaNoWriMo. Seeing people I know now taking on the challenge to write a novel in a month makes me nostalgic!

Things are still thrilling, just in a different way.

I gave up my goals again and again in favor of new opportunities.

I also kept them on the back burner.

As much as I try to bring my books to life, I scare myself. I second guess things. I give up on editing.

I’m sitting now with a perfect couple of chapters, written, rewritten, and crafted to the best of my ability.

I’m happy blogging, freelancing, and continuing to sit and wonder if I can lift a book into a reality of published work. And I still believe it can happen.

I spend time waiting for everything to fall into place. Besides relationships I need to work to improve, my life has never been better.  I’ve met wonderful new friends, and I am continuing to enjoy the perks of Ski Utah. My family and I have been able to spend more time together than ever. I quit drinking, and started two-a-day workouts to prepare for the ultimate ski season. The snow is starting to fly.

I’m so blessed!

Open Letter To My House


First off, let me say happy two year anniversary. Time with you has really flown by. I really hope you like your gift, that new water heater and furnace looks really nice.

Ya know, to be honest, the last two years have been a little nuts. You got new fireplaces, new doors, new windows, new trim. I painted literally 100% of you. You have some nice new things going on. You aren’t as drafty as you used to be. You have all new toilets, new tiling, gorgeous art, and a really nice owner that does so much for you, inside and out.

It would be really great if you took a little break. Stop having issues. That stunt you tried to pull with the garbage disposal, stuff like that is not going to fly. You have drained the bank account enough. So just chill out a bit, ok?

No more water pipes bursting. No one likes a house that is so needy and desperate for attention.

I’ve loved you as much as possible even though you are taking some of my best years and requiring a lot of work and attention. Time to love me back.