Becoming Utahn: Story One

Utah is a funny place, make no doubt about it. After living in Seattle, San Diego, and Austin, well, Park City is special. I love my home town, it’s the cool hip island in an ocean of FUNERAL POTATOES – much like Austin was the trendy surrounded by the redneck. I’m not going to tell you all that I’ve learned about the state, the idea you have in your head is pretty close.

What I will share with you this week (while I’m on vacation!!!!) are some things I’ve noticed about ME here. Your location undoubtedly changes you, I’m proof.

How I Know I’m Becoming A Utahn

  • I’m feeling leggy.

I’m 5’2″. On a good day. And it snows a lot here. I’ve spent the whole winter getting used to the idea that I’m a short bundle of nerves and giggles that most people think might be a little person. Snow boots are not slimming, and they don’t have heels.

So the other day, when it was warm and sunny in the valley and I was going out to meet some friends, I put on HEELS. Skinny jeans and some of my highest heels. Well, to tell you the truth, I put boots on at my house and changed in to my heels after I got away from Park City.

I ran into the Mall to get something (read more about that tomorrow) and walking back to the car I felt like a hussy. I’m almost positive I got some weird looks from Mormon mommies in track suits. I looked down and my tight jeans and sky high heels and then caught my reflection in my car, which was clean for the first time all winter…and I saw this tall crazy lady leering back at me.

I almost changed. But since I wasn’t really going any place special, I went with it. I was in a T shirt, for crying out loud. If I had put the boots back on, they would all KNOW I was from up the mountains, and I decided that bugged me more than looking like a giant. I reminded myself I was normal at 5’7″ with the heels and rocked them until the wee hours of the morning. And woke up with feet cramps…


Keeping My Mind Off Of Austin

Just a little bit longer until I get there and stop being jealous of KD in the sun and JC party-hopping…

So today I’ll remind you all that this is the SIXTH year that I’ve done brackets for March Madness.

Link to the story last year.

And since I stopped watching basketball immediately after Uconn beat UT and both teams started sucking, I plan on doing very well in the brackets this year. But I think I should make a prize for DEAD-F-word-Last, don’t you?


Want the password? Ask for it!

Really White Fireplace

Per request, this is the first picture of the white fireplace, after three coats. I put the silly vases and the whale for reference. As in, LOOK HOW WHITE IT IS! AND HOW BIG! And clearly not decorated!

I have a couple of ideas.

First, where I put those itty-bitty vases, GIANT vases. Some kind of large tall glass stand, either to hold candles or some sort of those sqiggly sticks. I think it will add height and hide the massive amount of white brick.

Something like this, maybe:

And then, a new mantle. To cover the two rows of brick that the whale is resting on, that hardly counts as a mantle. Either some wood that we make ourselves and paint black, or something dark like this:

In fact, I like that whole picture. I wish that was my fireplace. *sigh*

We’ll get there someday…

Wish I Had Pictures

First time for all of this.


Five Things I Saw Skiing Deer Valley This Week:

  1. A guy, smoking a lit cigarette while he skied down a run.
  2. A guy in an inflatable Sumo suit.
  3. Guys in afro wigs.
  4. Thing One and Thing Two tie-dyed costumes. 
  5. MK trying to keep up with former Olympic atheletes. 

The Onion Is Talking To Me

What are the chances that THREE headlines were just too funny for me not to share?

I’m not even going to name/explain them. My blog, my rules.

Just reposting. Read and laugh.

The Gift Of Art

There are a few rules that MK and I made for the house. We had to ditch a few that were made deliriously in the UHaul on the way from Austin (it is way too cold for the nekkid rule). 😉

It was hard having to settle down, we might not still be ready for it. We weren’t excited to go to the store and get stuff that just hangs or sits around. One of our rules was to have a story behind our things. Even wherever we rented, the things that were most meaningful were never just things. They had a story, and not just that they were on sale. Each koozie is from an event. Front and center in my kitchen is the vase my Grandma gave us for our wedding. Now, the table by our door is funny because we got it at an auction. And I swore I wasn’t going to buy crap at Bed Bath and Beyond (I don’t think we have, yet!). I was going to make our own art.

But here’s the thing: I suck at art. I am a perfectionist. It is possible that getting a Thank You card in the mail from me will take months because I’m trying to choose the right words. And have a good handwriting day. It’s true. Things I paint have a great idea, but the execution, not so much.

SO THANK YOU JB! JB painted two pieces of art for us that are going to be a part of our house, and our story forever! You remember that JB is freaking artsy, I told you about her soaps here. So she was willing after skiing like an awesome lady to paint me a painting that I mentioned that I liked, and a monogram I tried and sucked at.

How lucky am I? The first painting will go in our living room over the arch (of course first we have to tear down some wood) and you’ll see it when you first walk in! And how cool is the monogram? It matches our bedding! It’ll get a big black frame and hang in the master bedroom. I am so blessed!

Paint It White

Maybe the funniest thing about painting the fireplace was MK’s Dad. Not that I fell over a bunch, not the bruises, not the empty wine cellar. Almost the three trips to the store for more primer. But no.

MK often calls his Daddy to fill him in on the hard work we’re doing. And to ask him the right way to do it. Or redo it. He mentioned that we decided to paint the fireplace. Remember when I asked what was worse than yucky brick? I answered smelly wet brick. MK’s Daddy answered “PAINTED BRICK”.

Thank goodness he doesn’t have to live here, right?

So three coats of primer later, the fireplace is white. And the walls are white. And the room is empty. So it’s a giant empty white basement.

We have plans, eventually it’ll look swanky and loungy like this:

But for now, we have nothing.

My ideas are to put huge vase/candle holders that go straight up the sides of the fireplace, and mount a cover over the mantle, either a slab of granite or a hunk of wood. With a streamlined modern insert, we’re hoping Daddy-in-law won’t see it as just a brick fireplace.

Side Tracked

Nothing is better than my company! It has been too far and in between this year. We’ve talked to people that handle resort bookings and say it’s picked up this year from last year. I happily correct them and let them know we’ve never waited in line at our ski resort and our guest room has not been used nearly as much as I imagined.

Last year we had over 30 people come stay with us in under 6 months. This winter, less than 10. Maybe everyone knew the house was new and not as fancy as the rental, but I would think we could have hit maybe 20. Maybe they got the word we were having a weenie snow year.

Whatever the cause, MB and JB were probably our last ski guests this past weekend. I cried when they left, since they are the total awesomest, and since I knew I’d be back to house work. We skied The Canyons, had a girly shopping day while the boys did The Canyons again, then trekked out to my new favorite totally amazing place, Solitude.

We ate well, ran around town, and played some Wii. SB came over and beat us all, of course. I love a full house. I love having company. I don’t even know if I’ve gotten any better at it after all these guests (80+ and I lost count after trying to add up Seattle, San Diego, and Park City…). I try to let my company lead, and I follow. You fall asleep, I do. You say you’re hungry, I cook. You say it’s gross, we get take out. I’m not too pushy, not too overwhelming. Your trip is as jam-packed or calm and slow as you’d like it to be.

Each time someone leaves, I get sad. I clean the bathroom, wash the sheets, notice how my best friends leave the place cleaner than they probably found it, and pour myself a glass of wine they brought me as a gift.

It makes me ready to work on the house again after a day or two. It has a ways to go, but remembering that I’m happy if my guests are happy, I’m willing to strive to make this place as cozy as it can be. For us and them.

Lowe’s Isn’t PetSmart

This might be a SLC thing – I’ve never spent so much time at Lowe’s and Home Depot as I have here. But seriously, people act like these stores are for dogs. I have seen more pets in HD than in an actual pet store.

Who thinks that’s a good idea? Where there are all kinds of dangerous objects I even almost walk in to? To bring your pets? Some people don’t even put them on a leash.

I like pets. I think patios are made for pets. You can bring your pet almost anywhere and I won’t mind. But I don’t see the logic of “I need tile. I’ll bring the dog.”