Side Tracked

Nothing is better than my company! It has been too far and in between this year. We’ve talked to people that handle resort bookings and say it’s picked up this year from last year. I happily correct them and let them know we’ve never waited in line at our ski resort and our guest room has not been used nearly as much as I imagined.

Last year we had over 30 people come stay with us in under 6 months. This winter, less than 10. Maybe everyone knew the house was new and not as fancy as the rental, but I would think we could have hit maybe 20. Maybe they got the word we were having a weenie snow year.

Whatever the cause, MB and JB were probably our last ski guests this past weekend. I cried when they left, since they are the total awesomest, and since I knew I’d be back to house work. We skied The Canyons, had a girly shopping day while the boys did The Canyons again, then trekked out to my new favorite totally amazing place, Solitude.

We ate well, ran around town, and played some Wii. SB came over and beat us all, of course. I love a full house. I love having company. I don’t even know if I’ve gotten any better at it after all these guests (80+ and I lost count after trying to add up Seattle, San Diego, and Park City…). I try to let my company lead, and I follow. You fall asleep, I do. You say you’re hungry, I cook. You say it’s gross, we get take out. I’m not too pushy, not too overwhelming. Your trip is as jam-packed or calm and slow as you’d like it to be.

Each time someone leaves, I get sad. I clean the bathroom, wash the sheets, notice how my best friends leave the place cleaner than they probably found it, and pour myself a glass of wine they brought me as a gift.

It makes me ready to work on the house again after a day or two. It has a ways to go, but remembering that I’m happy if my guests are happy, I’m willing to strive to make this place as cozy as it can be. For us and them.


3 thoughts on “Side Tracked

  1. P.S. I much prefer the idea of sleeping in YOUR house, even if it is less fancy. At least you know who has slept in the bed.

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