The Gift Of Art

There are a few rules that MK and I made for the house. We had to ditch a few that were made deliriously in the UHaul on the way from Austin (it is way too cold for the nekkid rule). 😉

It was hard having to settle down, we might not still be ready for it. We weren’t excited to go to the store and get stuff that just hangs or sits around. One of our rules was to have a story behind our things. Even wherever we rented, the things that were most meaningful were never just things. They had a story, and not just that they were on sale. Each koozie is from an event. Front and center in my kitchen is the vase my Grandma gave us for our wedding. Now, the table by our door is funny because we got it at an auction. And I swore I wasn’t going to buy crap at Bed Bath and Beyond (I don’t think we have, yet!). I was going to make our own art.

But here’s the thing: I suck at art. I am a perfectionist. It is possible that getting a Thank You card in the mail from me will take months because I’m trying to choose the right words. And have a good handwriting day. It’s true. Things I paint have a great idea, but the execution, not so much.

SO THANK YOU JB! JB painted two pieces of art for us that are going to be a part of our house, and our story forever! You remember that JB is freaking artsy, I told you about her soaps here. So she was willing after skiing like an awesome lady to paint me a painting that I mentioned that I liked, and a monogram I tried and sucked at.

How lucky am I? The first painting will go in our living room over the arch (of course first we have to tear down some wood) and you’ll see it when you first walk in! And how cool is the monogram? It matches our bedding! It’ll get a big black frame and hang in the master bedroom. I am so blessed!


6 thoughts on “The Gift Of Art

  1. She did an awesome job on those! With friends like them back in S.D., I’m no longer confused by your desire to live in two places… I knew it wasn’t just the beach!

  2. you’ve been to San Diego. you know there’s no better place to live. and above all, you know we gonna rock, and we’re gonna roll.

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