Lowe’s Isn’t PetSmart

This might be a SLC thing – I’ve never spent so much time at Lowe’s and Home Depot as I have here. But seriously, people act like these stores are for dogs. I have seen more pets in HD than in an actual pet store.

Who thinks that’s a good idea? Where there are all kinds of dangerous objects I even almost walk in to? To bring your pets? Some people don’t even put them on a leash.

I like pets. I think patios are made for pets. You can bring your pet almost anywhere and I won’t mind. But I don’t see the logic of “I need tile. I’ll bring the dog.”


One thought on “Lowe’s Isn’t PetSmart

  1. I maintain that children cause much more trouble and mess in those places than dogs. That might be one of the reasons they allow it– the dog-sightings entertain the children who would otherwise be pulling fertilizer and garden rakes off the shelves. It’s a win-win situation, since we can’t leave our kids on the patio when WE need tile. 🙂

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