Motivation To Work Out

Here’s a link to an article with FIVE WHOLE PAGES of tips and suggestions to help your body overcome your brain when it comes to working out. My fave is the one I use all the time that totally works – I put on workout clothes. I force myself to get out and do something with the energy it gives me and for some reason the clothes feel like I’m halfway there, so it’s harder for me to say no.

Instant Motivation from

nives body

(don’t mind the part about 40+)


Bed In The Wall

Always funnier when they are true.


Five Reasons We’ve Said No To Houses:

1. A Murphy bed
2. No off street parking
3. ‘Senior style’ living (?)
4. Rent: 6000$/mo. (or 6000$/week here, it happens)
5. What’s next door:

construction next door

Do You Do Knockoffs?

There’s a time and a place for everything, is the way I see it. Here’s my story:

We go to our super cute little Farmer’s Market every Sunday. I saw a ring I liked and tried it on. Vendor-lady let me know it was 45$, and it was a copy of a Tiffany’s ring. I’ve seen this ring but did not know that it was a ‘big deal’. I of course also didn’t have 45$ at a farmer’s market…but I did go hunting online, and found out that Tiffany’s does indeed sell the ring (for 175$!):

tiffany's somerset ring

Fascinating. Seeing as there’s no giant “T” that they would knock-off by writing “Y” or anything, I figured the cheap stand in would do. I then found my awesome (possibly more closely imitating) ring on ebay, for 15$. Sorry Vendor-lady.

I’m fine with this one. I don’t get how people would by a Coach bag with “G”s all over it instead of “C”s and think no one would notice, but I also would never spend more than (at least I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than) let’s say 50$ for a purse unless it comes with someone to do my ironing.

What’s your position on the name brand crazy world, that gave way to the rip off world?

Fulfilling Contractual Obligations

There is nothing quite so sweet as accomplishment. Be it passing a test, making a deadline, scoring big in a sport. When your main duties are as thrilling as mine – cooking and cleaning, running and writing – these accomplishments end up being thirty times smaller and a hundred times more exciting.

I have been a customer of Sprint since I was 16 and DL got me my first cell phone in Texas. I converted my husband way back when we were dating and I could no longer afford to not have him on the same plan, for free minutes. I have been in a contract for as long, getting free new fancy phones as often as possible.

For the last few weeks, we haven’t been under contract. We finally made it two whole years without upgrading anything. We are unencumbered. The joy! The success! The avoidance of temptation! The freedom!

Mainly, the best news regarding this freedom is flirting. We are flirting with all these NEW phone companies. And it doesn’t feel like cheating anymore. Since Sprint service has only gotten worse since I was 16, especially anywhere near a beach, mall, road, or small child.

Too bad I bet we’ll be roped back in by the end of the week. I’m just enjoying while it lasts.

cell phone signal