Fulfilling Contractual Obligations

There is nothing quite so sweet as accomplishment. Be it passing a test, making a deadline, scoring big in a sport. When your main duties are as thrilling as mine – cooking and cleaning, running and writing – these accomplishments end up being thirty times smaller and a hundred times more exciting.

I have been a customer of Sprint since I was 16 and DL got me my first cell phone in Texas. I converted my husband way back when we were dating and I could no longer afford to not have him on the same plan, for free minutes. I have been in a contract for as long, getting free new fancy phones as often as possible.

For the last few weeks, we haven’t been under contract. We finally made it two whole years without upgrading anything. We are unencumbered. The joy! The success! The avoidance of temptation! The freedom!

Mainly, the best news regarding this freedom is flirting. We are flirting with all these NEW phone companies. And it doesn’t feel like cheating anymore. Since Sprint service has only gotten worse since I was 16, especially anywhere near a beach, mall, road, or small child.

Too bad I bet we’ll be roped back in by the end of the week. I’m just enjoying while it lasts.

cell phone signal


5 thoughts on “Fulfilling Contractual Obligations

  1. In the name of all things holy, would you PLEEEEEZE just stop all the “flirting” and sign up with Verizon?

    Sheesh. I didn’t realize YOU were the problem. 😉

  2. SO….are you IN! yet? do you have a crew of lesbians in flannel and dorky dudes in glasses and safety helmets following you everywhere you go? I really think that would be a great halloween group custome, gather a large group of people together and go as the Verizon crew!

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