Didn’t Even Use My AK

So one event in our super duper fun week was that we went and shot guns. They actually have ‘Ladies Night’ over at Wade’s Shooting Range… all that sounded to me was unsafe.

(Tangent – Wade’s? In TX, it was Red’s. Are all gun ranges owned by guys with cool hilarious first names?)

I had never ever shot a gun before. As opposed to the people we went with, that brought their own. Fancy guns too. We had Thai for dinner first. That’ll rev you up- or something.

The guys there basically showed me how to load and cock the thing. And the rest, well, I was supposed to figure out myself. That was a little strange to me. MK and NN and MP were all there to guide me, but the first 9mm that I shot scared the crap out of me. Then the second time, the shell fell down my shirt. Those are hot. I also realized I kept closing my eyes and freaking out a little. So I stopped. I felt like a giant wuss. MK went to get me a smaller caliber gun. NN decided to let me shoot a bigger gun. I did it. It was hilarious to see MK come back with a .22 (smaller gun) and I’m in there shooting a .45 (bigger gun). He was confused.

For whatever reason, the .45 was much easier to shoot. Less kickback or something. The best part was getting the body target. NN drew a mean face and made it so the ‘body’ was giving us the finger, so I would hit it. I actually got the guy right in the heart, over and over…and over. I was a pretty good shot with the little gun.

Other than that, what I learned was that every woman (and man for that matter) should go shoot a gun, in case they might ever need to, so they don’t freak out in a real life situation. I kept imagining real life situations where I’d be shooting – much to the dismay of the hardcore mean chick that kept rolling her eyes at me. She apparently shoots for ‘recreation’. Whatever. I shoot to LIVE lady.

This is me shooting:


This is the other big gun I shot:


This is the giant gun I did NOT shoot:



7 thoughts on “Didn’t Even Use My AK

  1. I never shot at a shooting range. When we lived in Missouri, we went out to an empty field that had a battered oven and some targets stuck up here and there. I shot a .45 magnum and the kickback cracked the gun into my forehead. I did much better with the Ruger and even tried shooting it with one hand. The last I tried was a mean, sawed off shotgun. The guy that was showing us how to shoot was a giant bear of a man who stood behind me and helped me to hold the gun steady. Even with his help, the kickback slammed me into him. I did, however, blow a helluva hole into the oven.

  2. Outside sounds like it would be fun, but I’m not sure I’d hit anything! I had heard of ‘kickback’ before, and when I freaked out all the guys were telling me stories like yours about knocking themselves. Ouch!

  3. haha, RB would be proud. i went with him to the gun range to shoot his HK. and we shot targets when we went to durango. did you have fun?

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