Do You Do Knockoffs?

There’s a time and a place for everything, is the way I see it. Here’s my story:

We go to our super cute little Farmer’s Market every Sunday. I saw a ring I liked and tried it on. Vendor-lady let me know it was 45$, and it was a copy of a Tiffany’s ring. I’ve seen this ring but did not know that it was a ‘big deal’. I of course also didn’t have 45$ at a farmer’s market…but I did go hunting online, and found out that Tiffany’s does indeed sell the ring (for 175$!):

tiffany's somerset ring

Fascinating. Seeing as there’s no giant “T” that they would knock-off by writing “Y” or anything, I figured the cheap stand in would do. I then found my awesome (possibly more closely imitating) ring on ebay, for 15$. Sorry Vendor-lady.

I’m fine with this one. I don’t get how people would by a Coach bag with “G”s all over it instead of “C”s and think no one would notice, but I also would never spend more than (at least I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than) let’s say 50$ for a purse unless it comes with someone to do my ironing.

What’s your position on the name brand crazy world, that gave way to the rip off world?


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