Why Wouldn’t You Know?

It’s been a while since I last participated in the MTC via Blog Ninjas , but these things happen. (#6 can be read here – now we’re on #10). I’m back, and hoping you’ll read and enjoy my musings on the following topic:

Describe someone or something that changed your life, but the change agent has no idea that it or they had any affect on you.


Usually if someone has an impact on me, I let them know. Many of the people I met as I grew up taught me that ideas I got in my head from books didn’t always work in real life. Their patience and life lessons made me so much better now than I used to be. And I thanked them for that. So if you affected my life but didn’t know it, there has to be a reason.

Reason #1 – I don’t like you. Well that’s a bit harsh. Maybe ‘people that I’m no longer close to’. Or maybe people who taught me backwards. As in, chances are good that each of them, in their own way impacted me by teaching me how not to be. I think there are people that cross everyone’s life and their negative actions cause you to adopt positive ones. You can’t really call them and tell them that, but it’s there.

Reason #2 – Not human. It may sound silly but there’s a couple animals I had as a kid that taught me how to be caring and other important things like how to scratch good behind the ears. I couldn’t write them a thank you letter, and they might not know how much they meant to me. Sniffer probably would have rolled his kitty eyes. All my fishies would laugh about the nightmares I used to have about not feeding them. Hopefully Riley heard all my hacking sob tears from puppy heaven.

Reason #3 – Too famous. So much of what I’ve gleaned about writing has been from other writers. All that reading would leave me with such a long list that even given the opportunity to talk about it on Oprah, it’s not going to happen. But I’m thankful to writers. And funny commercials, tv shows, and people that design clothes that look good on me. Stuff like that.


Hmmmm…..what other reasons could there be?


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5 thoughts on “Why Wouldn’t You Know?

  1. With fresh eyes this AM, I see a rowboat skimming over the quiet morning lake surface. It teases the mind to consider perspective, and size of things. Distant mist has a more distant topping of treetops.

    First reasonable thought in head “I don’t like you.”

    My new blog-ninja-friend, you have just written the perfect opening sentence.

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