Last News 8 Appearance

Per Mom’s request: A blog regarding my last News 8 Austin appearance, and it’s relevance to today’s news.

At my graduation from UT, my family threw me a super huge extravaganza at my aunt’s giant mansion. There were tons of people there. Dad was making sangria margaritas way too strong and everyone was running around having a blast. There was food and drinks and music and even a giant UT Longhorn cake, that I was put in front of and serenaded with “The Eyes of Texas”, led by my best friend SB who flew all the way from NYC to see me graduate.

To top all that best-party-ever-ness off, they had the TV on just in case. As I was giving my family a tour of the campus earlier that day, I was interviewed about the fact that Jenna Bush was in my graduating class and department. There was speculation about whether or not she would show. I don’t remember what I said, although I felt a little annoyed at the thought that her graduation would be any bigger of a deal to anyone than MINE, but it got on TV. During my party, nonetheless, there I was, on my aunt’s big screen, for all to see. It was hilarious.

SO, fast forward to today, three years later. Mom called to let me know that Ms. Bush has made the news, and will be publishing a book before me. Mom just wanted to apologize that my family apparently did not have the family connections to make my book happen before hers. I’m not worried though, mine will be better.

I went to classes.

jenna bush drunk

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