3rd Annual College Hoops Tourney

It’s March again, and along with budding trees and baby lambs and all that garbage there is the one thing that friends and family alike have come to know as “Man I Thought That Girl Liked Sports”. This is where I, annually, get all my random friends and family together, and we fill out brackets. I usually hang in there until the Sweet Sixteen or so, then do something stupid, like make the UT Longhorns and the UConn Huskies play in the Championship game. Which will never happen, at least not in my life time, I have no doubt. But it’s more fun to wish. This greatly amuses all who know I take my NCAA Hoops seriously, and do enough “smack talk” to make you think I know anything about Clemson or DePaul.

So, once again, I’m all set up. Bracket selection is Sunday, and then we will all scramble for some good picks. I have followed NO basketball this year, as UConn is having a what-do-they-call-it “REBUILDING YEAR” and Durant (in spite of WINNING PLAYER OF THE YEAR) does not a UT team make. Therefore, this picks will be fairly uneducated, which gives me a shining chance. We shall see.


Oh, and of course, let me know if you want in!!!


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