Here I Am

So we got going early Sunday. Really early. We met up with some friends at Starbucks, aka most convenient place to leave one car in an attempt to get coffee twice…you have to go back… We made it to the park before 11 to be able to see the contests and bulk of big kites and activities. Husband MK took a good half hour to get his super fancy kite off the ground and flying in the gusty wind. While we were remarking how tough it was, there were some similar stunt kites performing. In my ironic ability to be on TV before publishing a book (and also in magazines and newspapers – ACL, NaNo, Beat the Heat etc., etc.) I was interviewed and appeared in both the written article and the film clip that everyone cool saw last night at 9:06 pm on news channel 8.

kite festival

It’s really pretty silly, but thought it’d be good for a laugh. Here’s a link to the article, and if you add the clip to cart then play you can see me! 🙂 Husband is not thrilled that I was picking on him but it was pretty funny, those stunt kites were cool. The voice over about this kids and weather at the end is me too. So it wasn’t all mean. PH is on there too, she wouldn’t talk, but she was standing right next to me.


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