My 40 Licks

A list of silliness to appreciate:

  1. We got dropped off by MK.
  2. People were dressed UP. (aka free entertainment besides the concert).
  3. It was chilly. Nice.
  4. We were so early.
  5. No wait at Shady Grove.
  6. We ate cheeseburgers.
  7. Two Bud Lights. Mmmm.
  8. Good conversation.
  9. Went in when we felt like it.
  10. A bottle of wine for snippy.
  11. Cracking up that the wine bottle was leftover from ACL.
  12. Noticing that everything was a leftover from ACL.
  13. Walked right up front.
  14. Thought we missed Los Lonely Boys, but got to see them anyway.
  15. Hilarious people everywhere around us.
  16. Ran into friends.
  17. Keith Richards had a Santa scarf on.
  18. Accents crack me up.
  19. There were bleachers. (?)
  20. Huge stage.
  21. Big screen.
  22. Short me could see fine.
  23. Cool fireworks.
  24. Funny pictures.
  25. 1,000 pictures.
  26. Blurry pictures (heehee).
  27. Called Mom.
  28. Called again.
  29. Screamed into phone CAN YOU HEAR THIS!?!
  30. Waylon Jennings cover.
  31. Mick Jagger = more costume changes than Britney Spears.
  32. Mick Jagger = tighter clothes than would fit Britney Spears.
  33. She’s so Cold.
  34. So much biker chic.
  35. One liners.
  36. Andy Roddick/Lance Armstrong jokes.
  37. Breaking curfew.
  38. MK picks us up.
  39. Sleep never felt so good.


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