6 Days

I’ve cleaned the house. I’ve ironed every shirt in the closet. I’ve mopped. Why, you ask? Not because the ‘rents are coming (two days late). Not because I’m trying to win Housewife of the Year. No, NANOWRIMO STARTS in 6 days. I’m supposed to write a book.

I have a week to figure this out.

Where I’m going to type. What coffee to buy. What frozen dinners to pick up. Who I’ll have to explain why I haven’t answered a phone call in 30 days.

I did get two things done. I read the No Plot No Problem book the founder of NaNoWriMo wrote. It was cute. And helpful. And a little relieving. Then, I bought myself something I ALWAYS wanted (much to the dismay of SSHH).

old man sweater

An old man sweater. Something about this makes me want to write (and smoke a pipe, but I won’t). I don’t know what it is. So, if you see me, you’ll see me in this. For a month. And whenever I write after that. It’s the official WRITING SWEATER. I’m naming it Nita. Nita B. Cleaned. It will be.


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