The ‘Rents

The parental units are descending upon the city of Austin. We’ll hang out here for the week and then spend the weekend in San Antonio. Per the typical family trip, it is supposed to rain as soon as they get here. Blame it on my ‘rents.

It should be sunny in San Antonio so that’s good – we get to go to the Alamo and the Riverwalk and some festival street-thing that my friend AS told us about. Matter of fact, her parents are coming in this weekend too and we’re having a fancy dinner out.

The best part of this trip for my Mom and Dad is they aren’t coming down for a wedding or graduation or anything life that – so we get to relax. Usually there’s too much going on and we don’t even get to really visit.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Rents

  1. You’re really slacking on the inclusion of pictures in each post.

    And, how do you seriously post today and not even MENTION the concert of a lifetime?! Hmph!

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