Digital ## Days

I signed up for Digital 40 Days at the beginning of January and attacked it full force. Like, for four days or so. The hardest part of doing something everyday? Doing it. So I failed. But the greatest thing I can learn from yoga is how to fail better.

Now it’s mid February and I finally came back to the mat. Not judging, not forgetting I’m a work in progress. The things I love change and fall by the wayside occasionally. Writing here used to be the most important thing to me. With adjusting to a new job and a new lifestyle, work and sleep have been winning over writing and exercise.

But it took today to realize you have to fight for what you want. Passion is making the time. And as far as yoga goes, today reminded me that the thing you bail on or put off might be the very thing you need the most.

I have the emails and podcasts saved, I have the commitment to just do the best I can. To take the failure as part of the lesson and to know that just what I needed was just what I got and what I will get as I recommit to my practice and better use and management of my time. I’ll finish my 40 days eventually. I’ll be late, but I’ll accept what it was, what it is, and where I will be soon. I’m guaranteed a transformation every time I get back in to my practice, and I plan on fighting harder to not let it go again.

What is something in your life that you want to commit to improving?


Not sure why I still read these articles from Clearly they don’t care if their writers can spell. Or edit. Or proofread for typos.

This one is on a topic I find a complete joke – The Filtering Photo Wars. Discussing flickr like it’s relevant is funny. You can’t even see the title because I’m not letting you find the article. Just know that INSTAGAMS is a typo, not another social media app for sharing shots of your legs. Sorry to disappoint.


Snow Memes

Just a few of my favorites while I’ve got snow on the brain. Storm Brutus showed up this morning and it hasn’t stopped snowing yet! Good news for resorts that are planning to open in the coming weeks.









You have any other good ones?

Moose Season

Every year right before a big snow, these guys find their way into the neighborhood.  Many properties are steep but my backyard isn’t, so they really like hanging out here. They showed up at 10am this morning and as of 5pm are wandering around and eating after a long nap. I love watching them. I can’t help it, I take way too many photos.  🙂

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Let It Marinate

Sometimes it can take a while to reflect on a big adventure. I hardly know where to start. My mind is somewhere between the feeling of my feet in the sandy beach and reminiscing over giant noodle bowls.

Last month, I left Park City and drove to Sedona and saw a ton of family: grandparents, parents, brothers, and uncles. One of my brothers was a complete surprise that my whole family actually managed to keep the lid on!

It was a wonderful trip. The family took my Meme to the Grand Canyon and spent some really great time together. My Daddy spoils us ❤ and everyone had the perfect time. And Cowboy Club steak dinner, of course.

From there, I went to San Diego and saw a bunch of friends. I got to surprise some of them and celebrate a dear friends birthday.

Then I flew to China for two weeks.

What can I even say? The food, the culture, the sights…the whole thing was so much to take in. My brain is almost as full as the camera SD cards, haha.

After returning home (via San Diego again), I can’t believe the month that was.

I saw so much, experienced even more, maybe even grew up a little. Time will tell on the last one.

So I’m letting everything marinate for a while. I kept a diary and plan on doing a little daily update to share my China experience, like I did when I went to New Zealand forever ago.

Stay tuned. 🙂

I’m excited to have something to write about and share. I hope I can do it justice! Giving myself some time to unwind from travel should help.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the first part of my trip, to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Enjoy!

The Year of Yes

I’m just over halfway through an adventure. So that means I can tell you about it.

This year is the year of yes.

If you invite me, I say yes. I am trying new things. I am going new places. I am accepting there is a reason people approach me with ideas, offers, suggestions. I’m taking them.

Because of willing myself not to over think or immediately refuse anything, I’m having a great year.

I encourage you to try to change your perspective.

Never been to yoga and that one friend keeps inviting you? GO.

That email you saved with a tempting opportunity you’re nervous about? DO IT.

I was a worrier. Now I’m an engaged, happy friend that gets to continually reap the benefits of having a positive outlook. I’ve been to concerts, events, parties, and gyms and recreational activities – even a farm tour, things I would never have tried before. I feel more well rounded, less stressed. I have written more. I’ve gotten to work with some super cool people.

My friendships hold more value. I don’t deny things I like. I’ve read terrible books. I’ve eaten gross food. But at least now I’m educated as to why I like what I like.

It’s yes to breathing. Being calm. Considering pros and cons. Applying for jobs I’m not qualified for. Telling my family how much they mean to me. Painting. Traveling.

I look forward to the next four months as more time to grow and explore. And say yes.

On a hike by Old Faithful


When I like something, I like it too much. I tell 6000 people it’s my favorite. Here are my current favorites:

*Pocket – This app is the instapaper plus for Android. I love it for my phone, computer, and the Chrome app that syncs it with my Twitter feed. I love the “read it later” idea – you scan when you have a second and go back for more when you have the time. Can’t think of anything else I need to claim my new Samsung Galaxy is just as rad (way radder, let’s be real) as an iPhone.

*The new – Linking through has become more than just a short Twitter sharing method. It’s brilliant. I feel so powerful knowing who is actually clicking through on links I post. And if I want to reread something it’s saved on a page with the stats.

*Game of Thrones – I don’t have cable, but just started reading the first book. It is enthralling. Feels good to be using my Kindle again.

*The new Passion Pit – I’m not good at music suggestions the way other people are. I am convinced I listen to the best music in the world no matter the genre. But right now, since Passion Pit is coming August 9th to Twilight Concert Series, I thought I’d share a whole album before you can buy it – NPR is awesome for doing that.

Is there something that you are hopelessly in love with lately? Let me know! Recommendations and blog comments are more of my favorites.

A fun photo to share – the sunset from my house last week.