Going Out With A Bang

There was a lot of funniness crammed into three days with this group we just had. The pre-visit entry was supposed to give you some idea. Then they get here and it’s a whirlwind and they’re gone and I’m still recovering. There aren’t that many stories to relate that wouldn’t include you wondering why we were laughing so hard. Those you had to be there kinds. If I quip “It’s kind of like eating a banana with a spoon” or “She’s the kind of girl that would floss her teeth with her hair” laugh with me even though there’s no context…

SF showed up with Freebirds. As you heard. That blew my mind and was pretty freaking awesomely thoughtful. You know how much we miss our Texas food. Actually, maybe you don’t. Even she seemed surprised how excited we were.



Everyone else showed up with gifts too! We got a handle of Titos and some Cedar Door mexican martini mix. It was late Thursday when they all got in so we passed out after meeting. We got up relatively (5 girls remember) early, hit Starbucks and bombarded the rental place in a flurry of pigtails and ribbons and silly name tags. Oh and monkey stickers. They were so not prepared.

Time to ski!

Time to ski!

Neither was the mountain! SF KB and CP had all never skied before. My input was worthless but with the tireless help of MK, TB and JH they kinda got the concept, and quickly. We took them up to the greens where I kept up with CP and TB was with KB and MK apparently threw SF into a tree and knocked her out or something. Typing that confused me!

The Rookies

The Rookies

We headed up to Silver Lake Lodge at 1:30 and met up with JV and his father and friend Brian. I love love love big groups and felt so great up there with (almost – long story) everyone talking and laughing and having good times. Even the broken headed SF couldn’t quit and we made it all the way to the top and back down to end the day.

Almost Everyone, JV took the pic.

Almost Everyone, JV took the pic.

Getting to ski with JV was great and we all were happy after a long day to come home to beers and the hot tub. SF and I went to go get dinner fixings…and the power went out. Such is my life. We all drove to the super crowded Main Street and ate all our weights times two in pizza wings and fry sauce. We played Cranium by the light of the fire and the headlamps of B and JV, the resident pilots. The power came on just in time for bed.

Davanza's Rules!

Davanza's Rules!

The boys left early and we got back to the mountain. Much fun and aches were had by all.

Day Two

Day Two

All the girls

All the girls

We got a little silly and took CP down a blue, and I also skied through MK’s legs which I’m pretty proud of but decided the pictures don’t look like what they are supposed to reflect and are therefore confusing and inappropriate…

I cooked that dinner the power previously prevented and TB brought over the free entertainment, aka SB, to amuse us all. MK survived 7 girls in the house at once. SF KB and CP left Sunday morning. TB JH and I shopped and ate out Sunday and she left Monday morning. JH got me a great thank you hat gift.

Our company is all over and I’m a little sad. I am just so thankful to all my friends that visited my mountains (LOL) and kept me happy and busy. Thank you ALL for coming. You are the greatest friends a girl could have!

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16 thoughts on “Going Out With A Bang

  1. Seriously, I’ve had to stop and blink tears back into my eyes on several occasions since I got back. You have no idea – AT ALL – how much one little weekend with you two healed me. Crap, there they are again. . . the tears.

    We all had the best time ever. I knew it would be fun, but I couldn’t ever have expected it to be THAT perfectly awesome.

    Thank you and I MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU GUYS.

  2. Oh, and my personal favorite went like this:

    Ski Guy: Stand up. Do you feel your heel against the back of the boot?

    MK: Oh, she’s never skied before.

    Ski Guy: So she won’t be able to feel her heel against the back?

    Poor, poor MK, just trying to be helpful. I felt like such a jerk for loving that moment so incredibly much, but it was HILARIOUS.

  3. Snippy – I’m pretty sure we didn’t DO anything but LOVE YOU and that’s easy! I’ve been crying, it’s fine! And yes, I don’t even deserve my blog for leaving out the funniest dude picking on MK moment EVER.

  4. MK – I am nominating you for a Purple Heart or whatever the estrogen overload exposure equivalent is. I am so glad you guys keep it real and enjoy the time you have together. I am jealous I wasn’t out there shooshing with you! Congrats!

  5. I found your site on google, great site, keep it up. Will return in the future. Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

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