Going Cross-Eyed

So far, most people have gotten up, fed their family, dressed, gone to work, come back again, and been productive around the house. Got the mail, made dinner, talked on the phone. Surfed the net. You get the idea.

I, on the other hand, have been staring at this for 10 hours.

The only thing I’ve decided is that neither of them work, and we’re going to have to up the anty from bargain bin to custom order.


5 thoughts on “Going Cross-Eyed

  1. Check out Dadd with the decorating tips! Re: appliances, you should def go stainless steel all the way, but you’ll probably need to update the cabinetry to match.

  2. OR – I could leave my nice stainless steel fridge in the world alone, what with the white stove and whiter dishwasher working so well….and getting even better cabinetry that we found today! Yay decisions, even if they DON’T match!

  3. Yep, been agonizing over cabinet hardware for weeks now. No decision made. Target, surprisingly, was where I found my last house’s cabinet handles. You might check them out before you go the custom order route.

    And, if you have stainless steel appliances, you might be able get away with painting the cabinets black (I’d have to see a photo of the room before I could say for sure) and go all sleek & contemporary.

  4. MK refuses to paint the cabinets, or change my dishwasher or stove until it dies, which is fair, I guess. So we’re concentrating next on granite and backsplash and hoping it’ll be so pretty you won’t be looking at the wood, which is even making it hard to find a dining room table. Yes, still eating on our laps…

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