Exploring Utah

I almost forgot to tell you that we went exploring a couple weekends ago! We drove from Park City to West Wendover, on the Nevada-Utah border. To get there we passed the Great Salt Lake

and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Wendover, like any Nevada border town, is a little gambling hole with 5 or 6 casinos. We read online reviews (MK did, on his phone) that the Nugget and the one across the street – already forget the name. It was LOUD:

We ate, gambled pennies, and watched football until we were bored. We decided to take the car to the salt flats and get crazy…doing doughnuts at a mile per hour – I even drove. Our car isn’t really the salt flat type, but it was really neat to see and we’ll definitely have to go back with some company and a faster funner car. Of course MK took great pics and you get cell phone ones. Sigh.


16 thoughts on “Exploring Utah

  1. Can’t blame that one on me *chuckle*
    But seriously, when you have some time in your BUSY schedule, check out the history of the BSF. Really interesting what has happened there.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m a better drive than any of you…

    and you guys should really check out what Top Gear did on the BSF

  3. My blog lets you post you tube links in the comments. That rules. And I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a great driver but getting in your car I see my life flash before my eyes every time you change lanes.

  4. that’s because you’re a horrible passenger, and your mind doesn’t work as quickly as mine. my driving is calm at my mental processing speed.

  5. Holy crap, we stayed in Wendover on our way back from our west coast road trip. What a hole. I liked all the little rock sculptures on the side of the road/salt flats.

  6. They did that at a place we saw in NZ too. Names, pictures, stacks of rocks all along the road that you can see when you drive by. Weird right?
    Did you gamble at all while you were there? We were unimpressed. I swear, gambling in CT is the best = make the most $$$.

  7. We actually ate a meal & played video poker while we were there. Congrats on your trip to the weirdest place on earth.

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