Regression, Revisited

Last week, I told you that I was kinda over skiing. I mean, we moved here to get better, and I was getting worse. Some afterthought went a long way, and holy crap, I skied something like 7 days in a row. Anyone would be tired. So I didn’t stink, I was worn out.

Then, come to find out (no surprise here) I was DOING it wrong. There’s this idea that you should be on the EDGE of your skis. To dig in to the snow. And lean forward. Not backward. That will kill you. So, this week, I kinda got it. I was on edge. I was leaning forward. I was making big, slow, wide turns. Cool.

BB and MK took me down a steep groomed black three times in a row- and I did it better than the blues and greens I suffered down with JM and WB. They might need to come back and see the new me. We went out for my birthday and did the run with TB, and I was much more worn out. So my thing to work on now is to ski well even when I’m sore – it actually takes less effort, but for some reason that isn’t getting to my brain. But the good news is I’m not going to pack up and run just yet. KD and JC get in tomorrow – I’ll let you know if they’re laughing at me or with me!

little ski jump

MK's little jump

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5 thoughts on “Regression, Revisited

  1. Sybo – It was a tricky a-ha moment that made me realize I was close, but not quite. I don’t think anyone can tell from a subtle adjustment, you look the same even if you mess it up a little…
    Craig – why the scowly?

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