That’s A Wrap

That’s the trip! It was a blast. We’ve been here about a week now. I’ve enjoyed runs on the beach, settling in to our new place, exploring La Jolla, mansion ogling, spending Halloween downtown in San Diego (as a pirate) and making new friends. The view of crashing waves is remarkably calming and centering. The ability to drive a minute and run as far as I want on the sand hasn’t quite registered with me, everywhere you look there’s amazing beauty. No wonder everyone here is so happy.

I have to completely admit my preconceived notions were a little off, and that’s a good thing. I can’t wait for some (female) visitors so I can explore the tons and tons of shopping. I’ve got my laptop out in the office space, patio doors open, and I’m ready to write. This week is going to fly by.

In other news, I’ve planned a trip to Austin a week from today, and will fly from there to Vegas for the weekend. For your general information, it’s practically free to fly from SD to LV, so if you’re planning an outing anytime, invite me, I’ll say yes. And have some extra gambling (who am I kidding, shopping) money to play with.

What else? We found the Patriots bar for the game Sunday, and they happen to make a great Bloody Mary. I can’t think of what more I need.


NANO TOTAL: 3014 words.
NaBlo Day 6: Check.


8 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. What a wonderful life!! I am ashamed to admit that today, part of me wants to trade places… Ahh, to be running on the beach instead of sucking the snot from my daughter’s nose. Ick.

    So when are you going to run a marathon?

  2. When I was reading your posts (from the last three days or so) I initially thought the first word of the post was emphasized by you to exclaim proudly whatever your first sentence was.

    Like today, “THAT’S the trip.” And I thought, wow she had such a good time. Good for her!

    Then the next post is something like, “THE fires in California did not impact us.” And I was like, hmm, that’s a strange emphasis. If it were me, I might emphasize US instead of THE, but to each his own.

    Then the dumbass in me realized it’s a STYLE ELEMENT.

    (embarrassed chuckle)

    Nice blog.

    (sprints away)

  3. I suppose if the text that is bolded was slightly larger, or if the first letter was a drop cap that would be more explanatory, in terms of a style element. But I wouldn’t put too much energy into it.

    I used to be a graphic designer and I notice all kinds of things that most people don’t.

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