October 07 Tally

This was an awesome month, one of my best. I kept up with exercise through our move, a huge accomplishment. Last month I linked to the years worth of posts I’d kept up with monthly in my pursuit of health. This month, my husband actually remarked I’ve accomplished more than the past year. Sweeeet.

Final stats on the Calendar of Fitness:

  1. I alternated between running and weights 24 out of 31 days this month. Awesome.
  2. I kept up with writing what I ate, and wrote down the details of my workout, focusing on the weights. I have lost inches everywhere.
  3. I’ve started taking meal supplement shake things – Myoplex Lite Shakes, as recommended on the Body for Life Program.

I feel the best ever. I mean, I’m doing more weights than I was last year already, in one months time. Because of my seriousness, we joined a gym here, the La Jolla Sports Club. It was either that or 24HourDungeon, which was an easy choice. I might also have smaller pants, but I’ve posted about that too many times for anyone to notice any more. Also, there aren’t smaller sizes…

size zero

NANO TOTAL: 4140 words.
NaBlo Day 7: Check.


3 thoughts on “October 07 Tally

  1. Not to feed the monster, but haven’t you seen the “00” sizes at some stores?

    Yeah, also, you can’t come visit anymore until I lose like 50 pounds.

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