I Love La Jolla

The fire situation didn’t really affect us. On the way in we drove near the fire near Castaic, staying away from the coast and LA due to the helpful traffic updates from my family, and only really noticed smoke and the smell of fire in the car near Escondido, but since it was night we didn’t see much more than the haze and smoke. In the headlights the ash looked like snow.

We got into La Jolla pretty late, but were able to check into the hotel right on the water that MK had reserved for us. His office was one block away. Two blocks away were my first beer in forever and the best buffalo chicken wings of all time, both of which were heaven at that point. We were wiped out. We fell asleep right after dinner. The next day MK got up early to check out his new digs while I started calling realtors. He drove me up and down La Jolla Blvd. and to Pacific and Mission Beach. Everything here is so beautiful. And the people are uncommonly nice. Whether or not that’s just compared to Seattle-ites I can’t be sure, but it is a nice change.

Basically, over that weekend, FEMA swooped in and put any furnished rental listings on hold, which meant we weren’t able to get in anywhere. Technically. I found an ad on Craigslist that we were able to go see that day, and we took it. I can’t remember ever living in the first place I’ve seen, it felt strange. We were just happy it all worked out, and even better, we could move in the next day.

MK drove me around some more, we walked around the town, to the water, saw some sights, moved his computers (two and four monitors!) into his office, and took a nap. MK’s buddies invited us out and we went to a neat area in Pacific Beach (PB) and to a really fun bar. I forgot it was the weekend before Halloween, so people were dressed up. We had a great time.


NANO TOTAL: 2718 words.
NaBlo Day 5: Check.


9 thoughts on “I Love La Jolla

  1. I was stationed at Marimar back when it was a naval station and La Jolla was a favorite place to hang out at. The La Jolla cove is a neat place to visit but if you go swimming there be VERY careful, there is a strong undertow there.
    Mt Solidad was a cool place too although I think I remember hearing that the road slid down the mountainside or something.

  2. i was in san diego when the fires started, but we didn’t realize what was going on right away and i was taking pictures of the cool-looking hazy sky.

    but we had a fabulous ocean-view dinner in la jolla at this place called George’s.

    glad to hear the housing situation worked out.

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