All Time Lows And Highs

Does no one read blogs in the summer? Does no one blog in the summer? Is it too summer? I don’t know what you’re up to but it’s awfully slow around here, and on my feed reader! To be fair, my computer time is pretty minimal now that the sun is back out. Don’t ever visit SD in the June Gloom season. The gray weather is the worst.

Maybe you’re busy. We are. We swam with freaking leopard sharks last weekend. And snorkeled in the cove. And THEN took a Hobie Cat out on the Bay. We joined a volleyball group that is perfect – MK can play and I can drink ‘punch’ and watch. We’re traveling for the rest of the week and weekend to see family and friends and get in some trouble. KE took me shopping at her new boutique and I got some outrageous dresses. If I get skin cancer, I will blame it on this summer. I don’t think I’ve ever been this shade before.

We clubbed at the Hard Rock downtown, which for all it’s Vegas efforts, is pretty lame. Envy beats it hands down. We saw Spencer Pratt and almost no one even cared. He was with dudes. All dudes. Quite possibly paid-for posse dudes. That was the funniest thing ever.

My favorite cousin ever is coming to see me. Which means I will again get my wardrobe updated. We are going to Comic Con with RD. It is going to rule.


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