The Ignorant Learned

Saturday morning we went out at 10am on a tour of downtown provided by the hotel. We must have been feeling really touristy. He talked a lot about the city and it’s history and architecture, and I learned that that was a city I very clearly knew nothing about – it is apparently common knowledge that it should be underwater. Whatever.

We walked up through North Town and had some real Italian for lunch, saw City Lights, the famous bookstore; and the bar Kerouac used to hang out at. Cool.

hike.jpg coit-tower.jpg

There is this back alley type thing of about 2,000 stairs to hike up that is a short cut to Coit Tower, where some parrots hang out. We went this secret route to the tower and got our city views. RD had a Christmas party to attend, so RB took us to Bubbly, the champagne bar. It was dead, so we ran through the Hyatt, which had a huge Christmas display of miniatures, and then to the Embarcadero.

little-town.jpg hyatt.jpg rink.jpg

This is pretty much the coolest part of the city. They had a mini ice skating rink set up at which for some reason we ended up sending messages between teenagers at the top of our lungs. RB took us to about 30 spots of interest that he’d found, including a bar with a giant chair, and a firehouse that we took our picture in front of in the middle of the road. We made it to the side of RD’s town to see him briefly then almost fell asleep standing up, so we went home to sleep!

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