Started In San Fran…

sealsGetting to New Zealand, we travelled through San Fran in order to see my oldest and dearest friends, the Ryans. We arrived Friday and took ourselves from the hotel to Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a really cool dock style shopping area/strip mall. There are these wooden docks that giant seals lay out on. Giant. And they fight, and make a lot of noise. Pretty entertaining.


ChinatownWe took our time at this huge restaurant where we could see them from – eating for about two hours. RD called and met us up later that night for Na’an and Curry, which was one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to. He then took us to a bunch of the neatest bars he’d found in the city, including one called Lu Pao, in Chinatown, that was hilarious.




rb.jpgRB met us up and we ran around the city, checked out his place since it was right downtown, and went to a couple other bars, one of which had a house drink that was full of bourbon and gross. But we finished it anyway.

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