But It Is His Birthday

RD does not celebrate his birthday. That is funny if you know me and birthdays. Birthday, in my world, is free pass to, I don’t know, go out and black out and kick cops bikes over and throw up in front of your little cousin and then at the Salt Lick too. While your Mom is staying with you. So, it’s strange having a friend that’s “not that into it”.

MK managed to get a whole new set of glasses made at Eyemasters so that he could see on our trip if his contacts didn’t cooperate, then we had some Subway for lunch. When we finally woke RD up, we went through the SFMOMA, which was alright, as far as art museums go. We also took him to a brew pub, called the 21st Amendment (I didn’t get it at first – look it up if you’re slow too) and had a big old ‘We’re out of here” dinner. So that it wasn’t all about RD. Right. He took us to a bar decorated like a jungle but with a woman singing Christmas carols. That was pretty much our Christmas. We said our goodbyes, and went back to our hotel to get packed up and ready for our 14 hours of air travel.


I honestly had such a blast in that city. It was my first trip to CA, which seems dumb ’cause that’s a place most people make it to early in their travels. But to have two great friends there to show us around made it extra super double great.


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