The Aspens

During our trip out to the Grand Canyon, we hired a local guide to drive us and take us around and tell us all the information he could. It was a great thing to do that I’d suggest to anyone – it went way beyond just checking out the view and made us feel connected to the environment we were experiencing.

I love the aspens all over Park City, and loved hiking through them this summer and skiing through them covered in snow in the winter. But I *really* loved seeing the aspens at the Grand Canyon. They changed earlier than the ones in Park City, and were the brightest yellow I’d ever seen. We were told by our guide a fun fact I didn’t know. The root systems of aspens are specially interconnected. It was a neat concept I pondered as we drove through the forests. A single seedling could give root to a whole large colony of the trees.

The interconnectedness of the trees goes a lot with the theories I’m exploring in my yoga journey right now. The concept of rooting is important, when you firmly place your feet in to the ground. I can stand taller, straighter, and balance better when I concentrate on my rooting. It also made me think of how important you connect to you particular role in life, as you are interconnected with all aspects of your life and those of others.


4 thoughts on “The Aspens

  1. I’m actually shocked that you didn’t already know that little tidbit. I think the largest living organism on earth is supposed to be an aspen colony right here in the Wasatch range… things change, so I’m not sure if that’s still true, but fascinating nonetheless!

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