Ode For The Day, Dad Style

If I was a young, handsome dude, and got married, and then had my first baby, and it was a girl, a too big for her own britches loud crazy girl, I don’t know what I would do. Here’s what my Dad did: Set me straight and knocked me off my high horse and taught me humility and respect. That’s what makes him awesome. That and teaching me about sports. And cars. And other Dad stuff. Call your Dad this Father’s Day, if you can, kiss him. Even if he hates kisses. Or put up a terrible blog and picture, if that’s all you’ve got. 😉


4 thoughts on “Ode For The Day, Dad Style

  1. Yours is the first (and will likely be the only) cheerful father’s day post I’ve seen today.

    Thanks. I think that explains why I bother reading things that you (a complete stranger) have written.

  2. I remember when your dad and I took Jagerbombs. Only to find out later that it was not such a good idea. I miss you!!! And you are lucky to have a father like that!!!

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