Scuba Steve

MK and his bff MB are learning to Scuba. Sport Chalet offers a crash course that takes a couple all day sessions in the pool and ocean to get the big deal fancy certification. This experience is just taking off this coming weekend and teaching me  few things already…

Like I should not go to Grad School. Because there’s too much good crap on TV. And MK shouldn’t go to Grad School. Because he’s a terrible studier. Always was. He’s in the living room now cramming for his class as late and last minute as he could. And he can’t understand why that would worry me…what with scuba-ing (what’s the correct term there?) being potentially FATAL in my little non-swimmy world.

And I need a hobby. Something that he would say no to, and I just do anyway. At the least appropriate time. He’s been waiting for years to get this going but waits until we’re right in our ‘busy season’ of WTF are we doing with our lives. It would be cute and funny if it weren’t seriously. terrible. timing.

And we need more money. Scuba is probably the most expensive hobby I can think of anyone picking up. I thought skiing was bad – but we’re talking 600$ pieces of metal equipment. Riiiight. Chances are we’re going to end up in a house in a trailer park if he loves Scuba. Because hobbies come first around here.

Oh, and we need another car. I have to take him at 8AM and since it’s all day and I need the car I have to go get him too, unless MB will help cart his butt around. Terrible.

Wonder what my next hobby should be…


3 thoughts on “Scuba Steve

  1. Pretty sure it’s called “diving” by the cool kids. 😉 Make sure he has one of those awesome diving knives so he can open a vein in case of an emergency ascent.

    Just kidding. He’ll be fine!

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