Catching Up Requires A Memory

It’s all uphill from here.


Ten Tidbits To Make Up For Abandoning you.

  1. I was wrong thinking life without the internet would be easier.
  2. I was a super awesome friend to a friend in need last week.
  3. I followed it up by being the worst friend ever.
  4. We have three sets of company scheduled already, two are family!
  5. I was able to get a library card because my Mom sent me a sweet letter.
  6. I can’t say that I never burn anymore, but I didn’t peel!
  7. I am learning how to cook new things.
  8. MK has boated two weekends straight.
  9. The beach cruiser + my brand of clumsy may be the death of me.
  10. We forgot about the “May grey”. Boo.

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I Miss You

This is the thirty seconds I get of computer time to tell you how much I miss you- quick little catch up note style. I will not get into the bargaining and begging I had to subject myself to just to be able to say hi. The laptop is off in some cold building getting fixed and MK would rather I cut off his toes while he slept than touch his computers. Apparently they are important things that pay my bills.

Fortunately I got a beach cruiser and had a girls day at the beach to keep me occupied. We even had Round One of the Great Guac-Off, and I look forward to much more pigging out over homemade guacamole all summer. Riding a bike after 15 years or so was a riot. I need more practice before I hit the streets. We’re off to volleyball, talk to you soon!

My new cruiser!

My new cruiser!

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They Already Hate Us

We really liked living in a house in Park City. We shipped MK’s giant stereo system, set it up in the basement, and played it as loud as we could. We parked our car as crooked as we wanted. I did laundry and let it sit until I knew I had to do it or it would get moldy. I might have walked around not all the way attired as long as the blinds were closed. Houses are fun.

Then we moved. I’m happy to be back in sunny San Diego, but part of the price for this water front view is sharing it with a hundred thousand other people. We didn’t buy the condo, we’re renting. But we totally get that to some people this is home and rules are important to help people live around all those other people. We’re rule followers, mostly.

We parked the car in the spot closest to the elevator to lift MK’s 200+ lb. amp. And got yelled at. As we were leaving said spot, maybe 2 minutes later. Do we look like spot stealers? With smiles like these? We have to get bike tags and ignore the baby crying downstairs and get funny looks when we actually use the pool area. We have to say hi to everyone even if we’re not in the mood. It’s harder than it sounds.

Of course I can’t really complain, I love it here. I just can’t understand why (for what, the fifth time?) we get drama for being the ‘seasonals’. We’re the nicest of the ‘seasonals’. We keep to ourselves and behave and don’t make big messes. We’re not going to go nuts. I mean, other than when we use the speakers.

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