I Miss You

This is the thirty seconds I get of computer time to tell you how much I miss you- quick little catch up note style. I will not get into the bargaining and begging I had to subject myself to just to be able to say hi. The laptop is off in some cold building getting fixed and MK would rather I cut off his toes while he slept than touch his computers. Apparently they are important things that pay my bills.

Fortunately I got a beach cruiser and had a girls day at the beach to keep me occupied. We even had Round One of the Great Guac-Off, and I look forward to much more pigging out over homemade guacamole all summer. Riding a bike after 15 years or so was a riot. I need more practice before I hit the streets. We’re off to volleyball, talk to you soon!

My new cruiser!

My new cruiser!

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5 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. Mmmm… guac. We miss you, too! Btw, thanks for the card– you’re already making the husband look bad. 🙂

    Your bike needs a basket and some streamers. Cute!

  2. You never forget how to ride a bike, it’s just like riding a bike. Oh, wait…similes are like definitions, you’re not supposed to use the phrase you’re comparing on the other side of the comparison. =\

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