This Is The Life

The way I look at it now – I couldn’t NOT be depressed after my grandmother passed away. I’d been living such a blessed life, it made me feel like nothing could go wrong. So I had to deal with the loss, the reality, and being humbled.

Meeting new people in so many different places has exposed me to so much and taught me so many things. One dear friend battled depression and it was the first encounter with someone close to me. I kept thinking (and saying) “But her life is so awesome and great and fun, HOW could she be unhappy?” Talking to her about it made me realize that whole idea is part of the problem- knowing you shouldn’t be sad MAKES you feel guilty, and sadder. 

So I can better cope with my own little bits. I have days where thinking that we don’t own a home, that I probably couldn’t get a job if I worked for free, that I say all the wrong things at all the wrong times- all it takes is an overcooked dinner on top of all that and I lose it. I used to just shut down, but now I concentrate, count my blessings, and move on. I’m back on top of the grouchy bits and conquering them gives me the strength to make good times even better. (I totally wanted to put ‘gooder’ there…).

Point being – I have the awesomest life on the planet. I have a great family, great friends, and O!M!G! I live on a beautiful beach. I had to refrain from updating my Twitter/Facebook all weekend and week while our company was here – I was afraid to brag. Seriously, even if it was just a night out for tacos, everything was the best time ever!

BB and MB are two of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met – they make me better just for being with them. Meeting BIL’s new girl reminded me I’m still growing and never will be perfect, but holy cow is it fun to dish about family. We all ended up new shades of hot pink and lobster – well of course I’m nice and bronzed, I just have that skin – thanks Dadd! We got to watch the Sea World fireworks almost every night. We really did take some great pictures and I hope I find the time this weekend to share them with you. Just don’t call it bragging. 😉

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