Sitting Waiting Wishing

Well, I’ve got two weeks until I head into the SXSW hysteria. And I’ve got nothing. No company, no snow, no errands to keep me busy. So there’s already been two days of doing nothing that I foresee continuing for the next two weeks. I spent an embarrassing amount of time on the internet yesterday trying to find something to do. I’ve read books. Watched bad tv. I’ve cleaned the house. Twice. I’m boooored. I hate being bored.

When JV was here he asked me what it’s like to be funemployed. It is all fun and games after MK is done work and we have adventures to go on. But every couple months it does turn in to a little “why get out of bed, there is absolutely nothing to do”. This is one of those times. Of course there are things I could find to do, but that attitude sets in and makes it hard to get going. So I’m going to sit around and wait for my trip. Now would be a good time to catch up with me if you want…

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20 thoughts on “Sitting Waiting Wishing

  1. pfft, you know my apartment is neater than that…..I was raised too well for it to be too messy 😡

    Mom: ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

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