Moon Scapes

It’s that time again – for MTC via Blog Ninjas, and here’s the topic:

It’s 100 years later, after NASA’s initial lunar city mission. People have started to colonize the moon. You are among the colonists. Write about something like your reasons for leaving Earth, why you like or hate living on the moon, and any adventures you had the first month you moved there.


So I have to pretend I’m on the moon? All that says to me is make it like I want it. The Beastie Boys are the Presidents of the moon (we all apparently haven’t aged in 100 years, and I look great, the moon is doing wonder for my skin). You can’t wear Crocs on the moon. No plastic is in fact allowed on the moon. But you can drive whatever you want and no one gives you any crap because cars run on Coach purses that cost 2 woots (moon currency) so you can throw them in and guzzle them up! The moon has mandatory roller skating parties and everyone plays kickball on Resturdays. (Oh, that used to be Monday. We have three day moon weekends). There is a great moon website for all lunar events, concert tours, and parties. The moon dust turned out to be a great cleaning solvent and so nothing ever gets dirty. To entice people to move to the moon, I scored the bonus Netflix unlimited package, some wicked new Moon juice – which doesn’t give you a hangover – and a Moon Wii. Which, of course, plays any video game you want. The moon rocks. I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything. What do you think?

life on the moon

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7 thoughts on “Moon Scapes

  1. Micki D MacDizzle, woot Moonschnizzle; extra strength Austin-tacious.

    Dis’ one is the Rock Balboaist, drop the “n” like its hot, whadda ya got..?
    Moo, that’s right, Moo-sters everywhare, and you has the optimacious ‘tude, gurl, on de moon. count your votes…

    Love ‘dat, Pat, yo! Moo out!

  2. Cool entry. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of the future. I especially like the “moon does wonders for my skin”–slowed aging. Right on! Oh and the three-day moon weekends, and the Wii.

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