Big Fat Liar

I’ll admit it, I kept my MTC post within the boundaries of propriety. The truth is that my favorite holiday tradition is indeed a little thing called “The 12 Bars of Christmas.”

What’s that? A pub crawl. In the olden days some genius invented a drink per bar at many bars in a group. Now most cities host some event like this. Christmas is the best time since there’s that little jingle you can customize with your drink and bar of choice. In Austin, PR brought a group out to a well organized crawl, with costumes and Santas and tons of people. He even took pictures at each place, as evidence of the 12 drinks. And what you look like before, during, and after them. We experienced its joy many times. My favorite was the ‘festive name tag’, where you’d perhaps go by “Evan the Elf” or “Caroling Caroline” or “Hanukkah Hank”.

Click here for a sample, I think we were at this one.
Some day, I want to see the all Santa suits one: click here for that.

santas drinking

People have fallen in love, fallen in the street, and fallen for great shots annually. So it was music to my ears to hear about and get an invitation to the Pacific Beach Pub Crawl. It ends up being the same day as MK’s Christmas party, so he might need a new date.

In the spirit of giving this season, I invite all you Jager fans to be inspired by this site I found:

Try The WhyNatte


8 thoughts on “Big Fat Liar

  1. i met this girl from new orleans who said that she loved going to the bars and seeing a guy dressed up as santa bar hopping with three girls, his “ho, ho hos.”

    ’tis the season.

  2. Yo, thanks for the link to the Whynatte site. I just shipped about 20 shirts to a friendly Whynatte drinker in Austin. Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t. If you see a guy walking around Austin in a Whynatte shirt, tell him that Jesse said hello. Email me your address and I’ll send you a shirt, an aardvark, and whatever else I have laying around the house.

  3. Loving the new layout/format/whatever you call the new look- very festive! The masthead is perfect, too! Thanks for making it clickable.

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