Traditions Are Our History

The BlogNinjas are wishing you happy holidays. They are the crazy internet group behind the MTC. You can join the clandestine group – post an entry, vote, maybe win, and you may be selecting the next topic. Click here to join. So without further ado, Scottorama came up with this topic for our 5th:

What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?


This question is best answered in the form of me telling my non existent children some day in the future about my growing up:

Okay, kids, let me tell you a story. You’re going to have to use your imaginations. Once upon a time, before the ipod and Tivo and DVR, my dad- your grandpa, used to make us movies. There were these things called VCRs. You could put a cassette tape in it and record tv onto the tape. You would press record and then pause to get out the commercials. Yes, you had to watch it. No, it wasn’t programmable. Use your imagination, I said.
So one year, your grandpa watched every Christmas special there was, and made us a video that had The Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus is Coming, Charlie Brown, that Claymation movie, and some sing along with the California Raisins, you won’t know that one, anyway. I’m sure there was cursing and breaking of things but I won’t get in to that. It was a hard job. Some parts were messy. At the end there might have been half of Scrooge that got taped over by some guy playing the guitar singing Blue Christmas. Don’t tell grandpa I couldn’t remember the name of that guy, he’ll shoot me.
Your grandpa would put it in and we would all sit as a family and watch the movies. Sometimes even when I wasn’t supposed to I put it in after school. Why weren’t we supposed to? Well, VCRs were very delicate and little girls didn’t know how to make them work, only how to make them not work. No, this was before the internet. You’re not paying attention. What? I’m not that old! We played it Christmas Eve and Christmas when we opened gifts.
After a very long time, the tape wore out, and we grew up, but we would still watch it and laugh and the parts that were slow and broken because we rewound and fast forwarded so much. It was my favorite thing to do every holiday until we bought The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. Yes, that was on tape too. Go download it. Whatever.

old vcr tape

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6 thoughts on “Traditions Are Our History

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