The Whole Problem

There’s a simple, simple answer – why I’m sucking so bad this year. And it’s not spending all my time at the beach, it’s been a little gray this week.
I’m missing my ugly grandpa writing sweater! Remember this post? Last year, I went out and got a Hemingway-esque writing aide. Yes, it was itchy and hideous, but it obviously worked. And this year, I’m not working. I think it’s because my sweater is miles and miles away, stored away in a box, itching things around it, and not helping me write. I need to blame something.

writing sweater

NANO TOTAL: 7869 words.
NaBlo Day 11: Check.


7 thoughts on “The Whole Problem

  1. You know I’m trying to do the same thing you are: post daily and write 50,000 words in November. Sadly I am falling down on the 50,000 words.

    But! I am positive it is the fault of your missing sweater. That’s what’s going on for both of us.

    Damn sweater.

  2. That’s why people get these things, to have something to blame. I’m going to stick with that, since with my upcoming travel, it sounds severely like failure for this year…

  3. was the writing sweater from a vintage store perhaps? maybe the sweater once belonged to jane austin or sylvia plath, and you were channeling their awesomeness?

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