Life-Changing Stuff

This is a great quote that I found recently, from PJ Harvey:

‘The world doesn’t need any more art that’s just alright’, says Polly Harvey. ‘It only needs mind-blowing, inspirational, life-changing stuff’.


That’s motivation to create something amazing no matter what it is.


8 thoughts on “Life-Changing Stuff

  1. The only thing art has made me think is, “why would you waste your time?” Art was deprecated by Polaroid, sorry. In the conventional sense, at least.

  2. PJ is my hero. I love her unconventional style and progressive attitude towards sex. She picked up where Madonna left off. Great quote by the way! I totally agree. I’m not sure “art” has any real meaning anymore. Art needs to slap people in the face nowadays–make some heads turn, ya know?

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