Firsts Over Lasts

It seems to me that doing things for the first time is more fun than doing them for the last. I’ve turned in my last library book, made the last trips to my favorite places, gone for the last car ride out to Bellevue. We’ve eaten our last Pike’s Place Chowder. Just like when we left Austin, we had to get it all in, although this time I haven’t gained 25 lbs.
I’m excited about our new firsts, but getting ready to go is bittersweet. I know I really like Seattle, I’m going to miss the new friends I’ve made, and I’m really going to miss my little gym. It all flew by so quickly.

MK and I canceled our Globo Gym memberships, there isn’t one near where we’ll be moving. I’m (sort of) two weeks in to this intense Body For Life routine (that guy is insane, certifiably, I can’t lift my arms) and well, it’s depressing to think the next place we’re at might not even have a gym…

So there’s the pros and cons.

Do you prefer the firsts in life, or the lasts?



4 thoughts on “Firsts Over Lasts

  1. I love firsts. I’m a naturally nervous person (although I’m told I disguise it well.) So the adrenaline rush and the realisation that I’m not going to perish horribly while experiencing a first is always amazing.

    It’s empowering in a weird kind of way. I’m hoping the more firsts I experience the less nervous I’ll be in future firsts.

  2. I prefer firsts. . . unless it’s like the last time a bear will chase me or the last time I’ll run out of gas or the last time I fall down the stairs . . .

  3. What a great question. I think I prefer the firsts, but they always become idealized; I think it’s really “the lasts” that make a greater impact – the last time you see someone, the last time you visit a place, etc. Sometimes you never really know when a “last” will happen, so they can be kind of shocking. Anyhow, I like your blog quite a bit. I’ll be back for more.

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