My Bar

When (okay, if) I have a bar, and it’s going to shut down, and it’s the last night of the bar, and you come to celebrate the closing, well – it will be a lot more fun that it was at Tambaleo last night.

Not to knock the birthday girl, who is currently calling Lindsey Lohan to try and find a good rehab clinic… not that she drank a lot, just that she fell a lot…but the bar ended up not being as excited as I’d hoped. I envisioned some streamers, some cheap drinks, some funny music and some toasts. Maybe even sharpies to destroy the place and write goodbye messages on the walls. That seems in order to me. But then again, I am known for knowing how to throw a party. Whatever.

Snippy and co. had a great time, and that’s all that matters. There wasn’t any drama, everyone made it home, and of course I cooked at 3am, which is what I do best.

I’m glad we are done with birthdays for a while.


3 thoughts on “My Bar

  1. have you ever drank peppered vodka? it’s what happens when the bar runs out of normal vodka like Tambaleo did on Saturday. GROSS

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