Early Planning

When do you start thinking about the holidays? This weekend, MK and I realized that we need to think. Besides this giant move and drive, I’ve got to write another novel. I’ve got to finish my first novel. I mentioned that I was invited to a birthday celebration. MK mentions the day trading convention that we went to last year. Are we going again? JH calls and announces his wedding, Dec 1st. Can we make it? I’d love to see Key West…Where are we going for Thanksgiving? Where will his family be? I haven’t seen my family back home since last year. We must get some skiing in this winter. Utah? Colorado? ARGH!

Not to mention I miss my friends. All of a sudden, our penciled in little monthly calendar looked messy. How do you sort out all your time?


10 thoughts on “Early Planning

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  2. I don’t, I get everyone else to make plans, then invite me. When I have a scheduling clash I aim to do both things anyway and hope for the best.

    I beleive this is how I ended up both working, and studying full time.

  3. I have no life. My day is here, in the world of my house, but I do keep myself busy in a kind of haphazard way. It works for me. As for preparing for the holidays, it’s just the two of us and we’re easy going about it.

  4. Your aunt has invited you to club deb for as long as you wish if you plan on going to the party in Nov. and need a place.

  5. we usually do a friends turkey day, but rb and i decided last night that it will be just me, him & rodney this year! more turkey for us!

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